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What are the industries in which Cypress is interface ICs are used?
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Cypress‘s interface integrated circuits, solutions and technologies provide a broad range of industrial, automotive, communications, personal electronics and enterprise computing devices. Cypress‘ interface products and solutions enable higher bandwidth and longer transmission distances while reducing system size, cost and complexity for faster time-to-market. So what are the industry fields of Cypress‘s interface IC applications?
The automotive class CXPI transceiver (Clock Extension Peripheral Interface) is designed to inherit the widely used Local Interconnect Network (LIN) automotive communication protocol. CXPI reduces material costs and reduces fuel consumption by reducing wiring harnesses in vehicles. Cypress Cypress offers CXPI transceivers and automotive MCUs - a complete solution for automotive design requirements.
The control communication chip provides the LonTalk communication control network protocol, which is approved by the American National Standards Institute ANSI/EIA 709.1-A-1999 and supports all levels of open industry standards. Control communication chips are widely used in building automation, industrial control, transportation systems and other fields.
Provides reliable command and load control within the existing powerline infrastructure (PHY, modem and protocol stack) on a single chip. Cypress‘s PLC solutions can control incandescent, sodium vapor, fluorescent and LED lighting over existing power lines. Easy to integrate with wall switch dimmers, lamps and device modules, the microcontroller solution enables on/off, dimming, color mixing and white light control without additional wiring.
The HOTLink family of high-speed transceivers provides data transfer rates from 50 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps. These flexible devices are ideal for proprietary serial backplane applications.
SONET and SDH PHY High-performance SONET/SDH physical layer (PHY) and frame devices support OC-1 (51.85 Mbps), OC-3 (155.52 Mbps), and OC-48 (2.488 Gbps). These devices are ideal for low power and integrated transmitter, receiver and post-amplifier applications.
The video PHY chipset is based on Cypress‘s popular HOTLink series and complies with SMPTE‘s video coding, SMPTE-259m and Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standards. Focuses on wireless, datacom, and fiber optic applications that require high-speed data transfer at signaling speeds of 195 to 1500 MBaud over high-speed serial fiber optic, balanced and unbalanced copper transmission lines.
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