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MasterGaN devices from STMicroelectronics
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ST‘s MasterGaN4* power package integrates two symmetrical 225mΩ RDS(on), 650V Gallium Nitride (GaN) power transistors, as well as optimized gate drivers and circuit protection to simplify energy-efficient power conversion up to 200W application design.
As the latest addition to STMicroelectronics‘ MasterGaN family, MasterGaN4 solves complex gate control and circuit layout challenges and simplifies the application design of wide-bandgap GaN power semiconductors. The input allowable voltage of MasterGaN4 is 3.3V-15V, and it can be directly connected to a controller, such as a Hall-effect sensor or a CMOS chip such as a microcontroller, a DSP processor, and an FPGA programmable device.
GaN transistors offer superior switching performance, higher operating frequencies, higher energy efficiency, and less heat dissipation, allowing designers to choose smaller magnetic components and heat sinks to design smaller, lighter power supplies, chargers and adapters. MasterGaN4 is well suited for symmetrical half-bridge topologies as well as soft switching topologies such as active clamp flyback and active clamp forward converters.
The wide supply voltage of 4.75V-9.5V facilitates the connection of MasterGaN4 to existing power rails. Built-in protection features include gate driver interlock, high- and low-side undervoltage lockout (UVLO), and thermal protection to further simplify application design. There is also a dedicated shutdown pin.
As part of this product launch, STMicroelectronics also introduced a MasterGaN4 prototyping board (EVALMASTERGAN4). This evaluation board provides full functionality to drive the MasterGaN4 with a single or complementary signal, as well as an adjustable dead time generator. Users have the flexibility to apply a single input signal or PWM signal, insert an external bootstrap diode, isolate the logic and gate driver supply rails, and design peak current mode topologies using a low-side current-sense resistor.
The MasterGaN4 is housed in a 9mm x 9mm x 1mm GQFN package, and the creepage distance of over 2mm ensures safe use in high voltage applications.
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