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STMicroelectronics is Bluetooth Certified System-on-Chip
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STMicroelectronics‘ Bluetooth® LE system-on-chip (SoC), BlueNRG-LP, takes advantage of the new features of the latest Bluetooth specification to extend range, increase throughput, enhance security, and save power. The optimized ultra-low power RF module operates at only 3.4mA in receive mode, 4.3mA in transmit mode, and consumes less than 500nA in sleep mode, which can reduce the battery capacity required by most applications by half and prolong battery life.
ST‘s third-generation Bluetooth SoC, BlueNRG-LP, is the world‘s first Bluetooth LE 5.2-certified SoC supporting up to 128 simultaneous nodes, allowing users to seamlessly, low-latency monitor a large number of connected devices, such as , control a variety of devices through a stylish and intuitive mobile app interface.
With up to +8dBm RF output power and up to -104dBm receive sensitivity, the BlueNRG-LP RF SoC now enables greater coverage for beacon, smart lighting, gaming, building automation, industrial manufacturing and tracking applications themselves If you choose a officially certified Bluetooth LE Mesh software solution from the resource-rich BlueNRG software and hardware ecosystem and seamlessly add it to the system, the communication distance can be extended indefinitely.
In addition, BlueNRG-LP supports Bluetooth long-range mode, adopts forward error correction (FEC) coding physical layer (Code PHY) to extend the wireless communication distance to hundreds of meters, and improves connection reliability; adopts GATT (General Attribute) caching technology Connect devices quickly and efficiently.
The BlueNRG-LP comes pre-installed with ST‘s Core Specification 5.2 certified third-generation Bluetooth low energy stack that precisely matches its ultra-low power architecture. The stack is a free-to-use compiler-independent linkable library. Supported by multiple integrated development environments (IDEs), featuring small code size, modularity, low latency, interoperability and lifetime over-the-air upgrades, support for longer broadcast and scan packets, high duty cycle non-connectable broadcasts , Bluetooth features such as longer packet length and 2Mbit/s throughput.
In addition, BlueNRG-LP also supports L2CAP Connection Oriented Channel (CoC), which can simplify high-capacity two-way data transmission and multi-role simultaneous connections, and also supports Channel Selection Algorithm #2 (CSA #2), allowing in home and building automation or industrial automation Establish robust connections in noisy environments such as networks.
The new product deploys multiple enhanced security mechanisms in the internally integrated Arm® Cortex®-M0+ microcontroller (MCU), including secure loader, read protection of the entire 256KB embedded flash memory, 48-bit unique ID code, As well as customer key storage, hardware random number generator (RNG), hardware public key accelerator (PKA) and 128-bit AES cipher encryption co-processor. This is an energy-efficient processing unit that, while executing code at speeds up to 64MHz, consumes an astonishingly low 18µA/MHz with industry-standard digital interfaces, multi-channel 12-bit ADC analog-to-digital converters, analog microphone interface with Programmable gain amplifier, user timer and watchdog, system timer and watchdog, up to 31 user programmable 5V I/O pins.
The BlueNRG-LP SoC also integrates an embedded RF balun, DC/DC converter, and capacitors for the HSE (high-speed external) oscillator and internal low-speed ring oscillator to minimize bill of materials (BOM) costs , and simplify the circuit design.
The BlueNRG-LP is available in three packages: 5mm x 5mm QFN32, 6mm x 6mm QFN48 and 3.14mm x 3.14mm WLCSP49 tiny wafer-level packages. The on-chip RAM capacity is 32KB or 64KB, and the operating temperature is up to 85°C or 105°C. Designers can flexibly choose the most satisfactory configuration according to their needs.
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