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ADI single chip codec solution
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ADI‘s JPEG2000 solution can extract, compress and transmit video images with variable resolution without further signal processing.
The feature of JPEG2000 solution is the surftm (spatial super efficient recursive filtering) wavelet technology of ADI company, which realizes real-time compression and resolution scalability. This is particularly attractive to the HD market, because once HD content is compressed, it can be decompressed by a variety of display modes with different resolutions. For example, the same video source transmitted by one code stream can be simultaneously received and displayed by HDTV, SDTV and PDA devices, and each device can only process the information it needs.
The size of the stored and compressed image can be reduced without decoding as long as some of the stored data is deleted - because all frames are equivalent to still images, but the image quality after the size reduction is worse than the original. This is very attractive for digital video recorder (DVR) applications. DVR programs are first recorded at the highest resolution, but later, by reducing the size, the hard disk space is released to store more compressed content. At present, the only HD-DVR systems on the market are installed in set-top box products, and record pre compressed video streams, because it is impractical to use traditional methods to achieve real-time HD video compression in the home. ADV202 provides a low-cost solution, which can compress any HD video input source in real time, with extremely high playback quality, and provides very flexible recording functions.
The unique code stream based on wavelet also supports optional packet protection. Even if the channel noise is too serious to correct some packet errors, the video quality will slowly decline. Most viewers think that the video quality of MPEG-2 or other time-domain compressed video streams is unacceptable in noisy channels.
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