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ADI is new isolated power converter sets the device level low radiation standard
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An enhanced isolated power converter makes the system meet the requirements of EN 55022 / CISPR 22 class B electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards and sets a new standard for device level low radiation. Adum5020 / 6020 and adum5028 / 6028 series do not need to use high-cost EMI suppression technology at the application level, and can simplify EMI certification process, reduce design cost and shorten design time.
Emerging safety critical applications such as battery monitoring of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles (EV / HEV) and industrial programmable logic controllers (PLC) require compact and intensive isolation design to reduce size and weight, meet strict radiation specifications, and provide reliable high-voltage protection for personnel and equipment. Using these devices, the radiation target can be achieved on a double-layer PCB, which can reduce the size of the solution by up to 70% and reduce the material cost by 30% compared with a four layer PCB. The new series of 500MW DC-DC power converters are based on the icoupler of ADI ® And isopower ® Chip level transformer technology, working temperature up to 125 º C, using the smallest 8-pin package. 16 pin adum5020 / 6020 and 8-pin adum5028 / 6028 are the first devices in this series.
Adum5020 / 6020 and adum5028 / 6028 product focus:
1. Low radiation emission, lower than the limit value of EN 55022 / CISPR 22 class B standard;
2. Minimum package size - 8-pin SOIC;
3. The maximum working temperature is 125 ℃;
4. Safety and regulatory certification (UL, CSA, VDE, CQC).
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