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ADI ADP5034 is a highly integrated power management chip regulator/LDO
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ADI has a highly integrated power management IC, the ADP5034 regulator/LDO, which integrates two 3 MHz high efficiency 1.2 A buck regulators and two 300 mA LDOs in a small LFCSP (Lead Frame Chip Scale) package. low dropout) regulator. There is also the ADP5024 regulator/LDO, which is similar to the ADP5034, but contains only a 300 mA LDO regulator. The ADP5034 and ADP5024 buck regulators/LDOs together occupy only 69mm 2 of board space and are designed to meet the shrinking board space requirements and increasing performance requirements of processors and FPGAs.
The integrated buck regulator operates 180° out of phase, reducing input filtering requirements, allowing the use of smaller input capacitors and reducing input noise. Dedicated mode pins can place both regulators in forced PWM operation or automatic PWM/PSM operation for improved efficiency. The ADP5034 and ADP5024 feature low quiescent current, low dropout voltage, and wide input voltage range for more efficient power management. The integrated LDO features up to 65 dB PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio) performance from 1 kHz to 10 kHz and output noise as low as 80 μV/rms, making it suitable for powering sensitive analog circuits.
The ADP5034 and ADP5024 buck regulators/LDOs are flexible, highly integrated power management devices for USB-powered portable devices, handheld medical products, and multi-voltage power supply applications for processors, ASICs, FPGAs, RF chipsets . In these devices, each buck regulator and LDO have dedicated enable pins, and all four regulator outputs support adjustable output voltages that can be easily set using an external resistor divider network. Designers can quickly and easily adjust the ADP5034 and ADP5024 to suit different output voltage requirements, reducing design time and speeding time to market. The ADP5034 and ADP5024 are specified for a junction temperature range of -40°C to 125°C and are available in a 24-lead 4 mm × 4 mm LFCSP package.
Key features and benefits of the ADP5034 and ADP5024 buck regulators/LDOs:
1. Two 300 mA LDOs (ADP5034) provide adjustable or fixed output voltage options for low noise analog circuits.
2. The regulator has an initial accuracy of ±1%, suitable for powering low-noise analog circuits, and supports processors and FPGA power loads that require high reliability and stringent line, load, temperature and voltage regulation.
3. The peak efficiency of the buck regulator is as high as 96%, which can improve the system power efficiency and reduce heat dissipation.
4. The output voltage can be programmed in the factory or adjusted externally, providing great design flexibility.
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