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Texas Instruments is lowest power chip ADS4149
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Texas Instruments (TI)‘s family of high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) enable ultra-low power consumption and excellent dynamic performance over the entire signal bandwidth from DC to up to 550MHz. The 14-bit ADS4149 has a maximum sampling rate of 250 mega-times per second (MSPS), delivering a 3dB improvement in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) while reducing power consumption by 30% compared to the closest low-power ADC . This perfect combination of low power consumption and high performance enables not only wider coverage and greater sensitivity in applications such as measurement, testing and communications, but also higher efficiency and density.
"Designers of high-bandwidth applications today face a formidable challenge to not only achieve more efficient, smaller, and more portable systems, but also to meet the highest performance specifications. The latest family of ADCs not only exemplifies low power consumption, but also helps designers create denser, smaller and more compact systems that can significantly extend the battery life of radio and test equipment.”
Key Features and Benefits of the ADS4149
1. The power consumption per channel of ADS4149 is only 275mW at 250MSPS, and the SNR is 72.5dB when the input frequency is 100MHz. Dynamic power scaling reduces power consumption to 215 mW at 160MSPS sampling rate;
2. The optional buffered analog input not only provides constant input impedance over time and frequency, but also eliminates sample-and-hold flyback pulses, which significantly simplifies input matching between passive and active analog front ends while greatly reducing bandpass ripple;
3. Programmable gain options from 1 to 6dB give customers the flexibility to choose between SNR and spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) with low input voltage swing;
4. The ADS4149 family includes pin-compatible 12-bit and 14-bit option versions and buffer devices at rates of 160 and 250 MSPS, allowing customers to easily achieve lower resolutions and sampling rates without changing their core design;
5. The upgrade path of ADS6149 enables customers to adopt lower power consumption options;
6. The TI TSW1200 digital acquisition tool facilitates quick analysis of the ADS4149 evaluation board. The existing high-speed integrated connector (HSMC) and FPGA integrated connector (FMC) allow the ADS4149 evaluation board to be perfectly matched to the FPGA evaluation board, enabling system-level prototyping and accelerating development.
7. ADS4149 and the same series of single-channel configuration parts are packaged in 48-pin QFN.
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